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10 years or so since my last post [01 Mar 2015|01:24am]
While no one I know would even see this, I figured that I would update this. I'd have to think maybe only 1 person even knows their password still. I'm just amazed at how this still exists and how open people were to expressing these full thought out thoughts in the past. Nowadays people, while they do sometimes post long epic statuses, tend to keep thoughts a bit shorter in Facebook updates or tweets. I look back and see how silly my posts were or how gramatically incorrect my posts were and I do not regret a minute of that. While I seemed to be limited to where my friends could take me 10 years ago, it does appear like I had some good times. Reading back over the entries there were countless bowling trips, trips to Chickies and Petes, and so many HS events that took place. I believe that social media has kind of led me to this post today. We are all able to see and read about the experiences, careers, events, and happenings in everyones lives. 10 years ago we didn't have much to go off of, but nowadays I am amazed to see all of the things and opportunities the 17/18 year olds of today have in front of them.

I 100% miss high school and I think only recently do I realize it is an opportunity that I'll never have again. If I had the brain that now that I had back then HS would have been a breeze. While my grades were never terrible I just feel like back then we all thought it was so hard but we all could totally handle it. I guess I just miss the fun times that I had with my friends that I'll probably never have again. Our lives were just so worry free, aside from homework and what the girls/guys think of us, back then.

West Chester University was an okay time but I regret that I never made the most of my time. When I first began the college looking process I looked at Bloomsburg and Millersville as they would have been a bit further away. I was so eager to move away from home but once I met Natalie I didn't want to go so far. Eventually West Chester seemed like the best option and I selected it. Still even after selecting it I could never leave my hometown in the rearview mirror. I was so happy to come home all the time to see Natalie and my HS friends while all of my college buddies were off making new memories by joining clubs, organizations, frats, sororities, or just by getting more involved in the college experience. It was about my 3rd year in that I realized that I really missed out by never staying up there and never getting more involved. I wish that I would gone into school undeclared and really felt my way through the process. Maybe I would have even loved to have studided overseas. I had gone from being so involved in HS to doing absolutely nothing in college. I did a semester at the school radio station and then quit the spring semester when I would have had to have stayed up and done the Grand Ram Band Slam. I played flag football for 2 semesters during my freshmen year but did nothing after that. I had gone from being a jack-of-all-trades in HS to just a nobody at college. I just never left my life at home behind. While my college friends all had come from towns where their friends all had left as well, I had come from an area where so many still stayed home. I also never really "partied" until my last semester as I was just that kind of guy. As I had grown closer to the students in my major during my last year, and as we neared the end of our experience, I went our a bit more and made some more lasting memories. I regret now that I am close with 0 people from college. I tried in vain to organize gatherings through FB and text messages but everyone got on with their lifes and either deleted their FB or never got back to messages.

I am just so envious of students nowadays who are 18 and approaching their freshman year as they have so much promise for the future and just time to waste if they choose to waste it and discover who they are. I am upset that I subscribed to the notion that you must declare a major, go through 4 years of college, and then go right into the workforce. While this seems to be the norm for so many people, there are also those who may not start college until 20 as they discover themselves or there are those who after graduating college choose to travel or take a year off to hang out and be young. And now 26 months away from being 30 I look back and feel like l missed so much and don't have much to my name. While I love having stayed so close with the same group of people since I have been 4-5 (and many people can't say that) I just feel like I have missed out on so much life has to offer. All I look forward now is the basic 9-5 daily grind and I guess in the end that is just life for you. You wake up, work, come home ahd have some simple lesiure, and repeat the same process 4-5 times a week only to have such little time to call your own and enjoy your life.

It is just difficult to go back and read my stupid rambling posts and see that I was so full of promise and life and to see where I have wound up today. Of course I still feel energized and still smile everyday at the big and little things, I just wish I could rewind time a bit to where I was 17 or 18 years old. No one was married, no one had children, and we all had a blank slate to work with. We could all pick schools, majors, make new friends, lose friends, but in the end still have time to live our lives and live through our mistake and learn from them. It's funny to think how 10 years later I am still at the same computer desk and still typing into this same journal. Still at home. Still not married. Still no kids. And for some people to think about those ideas at age 27, almost 28, sounds normal still. I just wish I could rewind the clock a bit. i would change so many things that I have done in respect to school, career choices, and trying hard to maintain old friendships. In the end I wish I could say, "I traveled here," or that, "I remember those crazy times/events," but I just never had them. I do think some of this once again comes from social media. Even right this second I go on facebook or instagram and see people out having fun and I just know with my friends that is not who we are...but still we are only 27-33 and we have so much life in us that I wish we would be out late one night making this memories. Even if we are not drinking I just long for these old days. So many of us stopped hanging out and so many of us get mad and hold grudges for such petty stuff that I wish that would all just go away. These are still the times to hang out and maintain old friendships. My dream would be to rent a shore house for the entire summer or even for a week (yes those are two polar opposites) and just pay for everyones room and board to hang out. There would be times where we could all relax by the pool or at the beach and then an occasional night or so where we go out and party or even sit in and party. I would just love to see all 20-30 of us together making the best out of what time we have left.  Maybe this all stems from me not having a huge family and never really doing family vacations but I would just love to experience this awesomeness with people I really love and care about.

Still life at 27/28 still has opportunity to be great and good. I just feel like my time has passed on by. Now is when people focus on their children and marriages and forget about their own pleasures but try to make the lives around them better. One of the hardest things about all of this though is that I really believe no one I know even thinks about the past like this. I am always the one posting old phots and pasting old updates on facebook because I so badly long for those days.

Regardless I still have amazing and awesome people in my life.

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[07 Dec 2005|02:04am]
Hey Guys,

Im Alive. Im at West Chester University.

Myspace and Facebook have taken over and livejournal is rarely used.

Jabari lives on our floor. I live with Kris.

Natalie likes me a lot.

I like Natalie a lot.

I got a job, havent started yet, its been like 3 weeks. I think they forgot about me.

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A wild night ending [07 May 2005|12:53am]
This night was supposed to be a washout but it never rained!

I went over Natalies and spent a couple of hours there and then called up John and went to Frans. We chilled for a bit.

Then the night went wild.

Me and John walked about 10 blocks in the wrong direction to a house through the badlands.

We ran into Vin and he had his car boxed in so we had to drive a full block on a pavement and we survived.

Then I went to Wendys and got a meal for 3.18, I gave them 3.25, and I was given back 3.08. Now how hot is that.


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Its May! [01 May 2005|02:28am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Okay so I havent updated in about a month, I guess Myspace and just having fun takes up my time.

Annie went really well. For a while there it looked like it would suck horribly. We didnt even have a run through of the play without stopping until the first performance. The dancing, singing, and acting came out nice for everyone. The crowds seem to love us and we got awards. Therefore my 3rd and final GAMP musical is completed. Wow. People are still talking about and prob will long after my graduation.

School overall is still a pain ha. I have a feeling we are going to get work up until the final 2 weeks which is corny. I have a civics project due in like a week and half which no one wants to do. I've also been out of school so much lately with Annie and Tennis. Im supposed to go to the All-City choir concert on monday but Ive missed about 4 practices so Im not going.

Ive recieved many college papers in the mail with lots of forms to fill out, joy. I need to go for a rigorous physical, fill out housing papers, and sign up for the freshmen orientation. Im planning on doing the housing papers tomorrow with Kris since Im going with him. I also plan to go to the freshmen orientation with Kris and my other friends who are going to West Chester. I think I get to take a math class which counts for college credits too, so BOO YA to the teachers who said Id prob have to take a remedial course in math.

Things with friends are going great. We still go out and have our good times like always. Ive only gone bowling once in the past month but it was still fun. I haven't been to the mall in a while and maybe a trip with some friends is needed...of course I need money from the mother so I should probably just go with her.

Im also back to eating meat. I gave up the no meatness part of my life one night at Longhorn steakhouse. I really wanted a burger and therefore got one. Since then Ive left school at lunch twice to get Taco Bell, went there another time, went to Wendys twice, and today went to Famous Daves.

And thus May begins. The final May of my high school life. My birthday is in May. Several graduation parties are in May. The Prom is in May. (I need to wait for Deanna to get her dress so I can see what color to get. We also finally got the limo yesterday, a last second chance pulled off by my sister). The shore is in May. My driver's test is also in May, finally. Hopefully a nice amount of beautiful days are in May too.

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A fun night in the rain [08 Apr 2005|12:15am]
Me and Vin went over Giannas to watch the OC and then Deanna came and we walked around the block (a big block) and just talked. The rain fell down but we didnt care. Me and Vin met up with John and I needed food so we headed to Dunkin Donuts where I got a cold egg sandwhich and was upset :(. Dom met up and we all went to johns and had a great convo. Then Dom, Me, and Vin went over Vin's to watch the Big Labowski.. fun night.

A veyr relaxing night just walking in the rain and being with friends :)

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Its been a while [03 Apr 2005|01:11am]
Its been a while since the last update:

I go to Annie everyday for hours and then I come home and pass out.

School is flying by. I need to get this senior project done.

I love hanging with friends and last night I had people over. Natalie, Kris, John, Nicolai, Dana, and Jacqui came over last night and we played Shout About!

Tonight I saw Sin City! Kris, Nicolai, Pat, Dev, Amanda, Christina, and Gianna went. Im shocked almost everyone liked it because I didnt think they would.

I asked Deanna to the Prom so that whole thinking ordeal is over. It'll be a fun time

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My wild morning [21 Mar 2005|06:27pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I need my physical signed for tennis and here how it went:

Pat picked me up around 9 so we coudl get ours signed at his doctors but the problem was they were closed. So we then went to his other doctors.

His other doctor signed his physical and was going to sign mine but then there was some problem with my insurance card.

So we went to my doctors where I had an appointment for later that day and asked for it to be moved earlier and they yelled at me. So i was out of options, until....

We went to Staples and decided to buy a "make your own stamp" stamp. I put out $25 for it and we sat in Pats car and made the stamp. I put all my doctors info on it and it looked so professional.

We went to Wendys and then went to school and we find out that the game is cancelled. What a bummer that was. But what a wild morning.

Then Annie was the rest of the day :/

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Annie and Tennis = Always after school lol [19 Mar 2005|01:04am]
My after school schedule has been so hectic:

When I have Annie I stay until about 5:30-6pm everyday. The past 2 weeks Ive had a cold and its just taken a toll on me. Luckily Ive been getting really better.

I have also had tennis practice which I have had to miss for the past 2 weeks becasue of Annie, but today I finally made it out and was doing that until 6:30.

But yeah anyways...
Tonight was a drag. I went to Nifty Fifties with Pat, Devon, Greg, and Lou. We ate and that was that. Wow. Now thats exciting lol.

Tomorrow is Ashleys party at night which seems like a fun time.

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Party? Yes! [13 Mar 2005|12:34am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Updates are rare nowadays:

Annie practices and missed tennis practices are grueling because ive been sick for a bit now and it just wont go away.

Last night I went to see some friends leave for the GAMP hop and I went out with Lou and Natalie.

Today I had Concert Choir at this church and it sucked ha.

Tonight was crazy.

Ashley had an open house and I walked in and everyone was drinking, but im not a drinker but I still stay and hang with friends. Everyone was there. Me, Kris, John, Capps, Jay, Vin E, Stef, Ash, Ash, Greg, Angelica, Dana, Christina, Lauren, Ryan, Becker, Jacqui, and other kids ha. At first it was nice and calm and then people were getting loud and wild which was then followed by a lull where people were passing out and getting sick. Becker drove me to 7-11 and I came back to the party. Me, Kris, John, and Vin went to Melrose after and thats about that.

Tomorrow I think im going to the mall with Miss Natalie.

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Sunglasses! [06 Mar 2005|12:53am]
[ mood | happy ]

I woke up and my sister was home so I got my mom and sister to do DDR with me.

Me and John headed to South Street and I got these awesome 5 dollar sunglasses and we enjoyed some Larenzos pizza.

I was home and then got ready for my fake date with Natalie. She looked so cute in her outfit and I got sooo dressed up and she was very happy to see that and I walked her to where she hadda go and went to get ready for Ashley's party.

Ashley's party rocked and everyone was there. We played DDR, ate cake, told jokes, ate pizza, and it was good good times.

Now im home and tomorrow I finished my community service :)

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A night at my house [05 Mar 2005|12:04am]
Tonight was a fun night. People came over!

Ashley and Lou came over and we had a fun time and a little while later, John, Danielle, Lauren, and Dana joined the fun. We played DDR and I broke a lightbulb and we ate pizza. Fun times!

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Lack of Updates [28 Feb 2005|10:17pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

There's been a lack of updating on my side so I guess its time to make up for it.

+ Annie is going very well eventhough I still hate staying after school all the time and doing it but oh well. The scenes are coming together nicely and Ive been having to do lots of dancing.

+ Its snowed so many times recently and weve gotten out early often which rocks.

+ I only have a couple hours left of community service to do for my graduation requirement and then i'll have to the slideshow which follows.

+ Ive spent a nice amount of times with my friends and it so rocks.

+ My senior trip was on Friday. We went up to the Poconos to go tubing, swimming, and to eat. The hills were huge and our hotel rooms rocked. They had heart shaped jacquzzis and all the guys and girls were having awesome times. We all took a nice amount of pictures but the food sure did suck. Overall the day rocked.

+ I got my hair cut and Im back to my baby mo-hawked self. Girls, its a sexy look.

+ Im on MYSPACE.com and so is like everyone else in the world.

Does anyone want to start a band. I like to sing so ha.

And thats how life has been. Im me to chat about awesome times.

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[26 Feb 2005|09:52pm]
I just back from concert choir and Im heading out but...

I love her ha

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The weekend with 1 day to go [20 Feb 2005|05:48pm]
Yesterday was a fun day. I forget what I did during the day but at night I went to CnP with Natalie and then we went dancing ha.

Today me and john went to South Street. I bought some pants for my trip on Friday and we ate at Larenzos. Their pizza is huge! We walked around and went into some awesome CD shops and thift shops, where John bought an Albany state bank shirt and an Energy team shirt. We went to the South Street Cafe which was a hidden gem.

Snow is forecast for tonight but were going out!

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A survey to make up for lack of updates [19 Feb 2005|10:57am]
Directions- you start with 100% and for everything that you have done on the list, subtract 5% and repost this so that your friends can take the test..

1.) smoking
2.) drinking
3.) drugs
4.) gottin fingered or fingering someone
5.) gottin a hand job or given a handjob
6.) french kissing
7.) been felt up
8.) given a blow job or gottin a blowjob
9.) been licked out or licked out someonelse
10.) had sex
11.) had a threesome
12.) given or takin it in the ass
13.) made a sex tape
14.) done any sexual act on school campus
15.) done anything in class
17.) pissed on someones lawn while drunk
18.) fucked in your room while your parents are home
19.) gotten caught havin a party
20.) fucked in a public place

Wow, a 90! Natalie guessed it exactly. In my 17 years of life/almost 18 I have a 90 which makes me a looooooooooooooooooooser. But i like my clean self.

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Fun Fuckin Night (FFN for short) [13 Feb 2005|02:37am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

This morning I had boring Red Cross.

I came home and had a great chat with Amanda.

Devons party was next up...
Pat picked me up and then Devon was next. We picked up Devons friends Kaci and Amanda and then Dave got into the mix. Franca and Gina were next to get picked up and we waited at Pats until Ryan and Becker arrived. We went to Friendlys where Greg was already there with his blind date, Jessica, who was a really cool girl but I dont think she was Greg's type. Jessica brough along her friend who was super cool. She plays the trumpet and lived only 2 blocks from me before moving to New Jersey. This girl brought along her friend Stu. Stu was gay but that doesnt change anything. We still had a blast with them all night long. At the end of the evening they said thanks for being so nice to them and said they had really enjoyed themselves. We said we enjoyed their company.

Bowling was a fun time and that was over by 1230. At this time the Philly kids headed back towards Philly becasue a couple of us were going to sleep at Pats. Then certain people wanted to consume beverages. We drove around in search of the goods and ran into Vinnie E in the process. We then needed a place to go and found Daves house where we just chilled. It was only me, Dave, Pat, Devon, Franca, and Gina. By 2:15am I was getting tired and wasnt really up for sleeping over Pats house eventhough I had a blast all night.

I love meeting and being with new people. I always find it easy to get along with people.


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Fire [07 Feb 2005|08:41pm]
My aunt/uncles daycare caught fire today and burnt down

Its been one of the first stories on the news all day. I went over as soon as I got done play practice at school. Its a sad sight and everynoe was really upset. Luckily they have 2 other buildings across the street and they werent damaged. They are gonig to rent out a place of Passyunk to put the extra kids for now. I hope things get cleared up soon and the cause of the fire is revealed.

I got kicked out of Chaudhry's class today and we got our report cards. I did spectacular so go me ha.

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I hear the lottery is all the rage [04 Feb 2005|12:30am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Last night we went bowling. It was an okay time. We had a nice sized crew. Pat drove Me, Kris, John, Capps, and Kris and we met up with Vin, Dom, Gabe, Geno, Stef, and Ash J. No one bowled that well but we havent gone in a while so it was fun.

Earlier today Lou and Kris came over and we relaxed.
Tonight I walked to Johns and Kris came. We went into Christinas car with Laur, Laur, Jacqui, and Laur. All of us except for Christina went to Dunkin Dounts and I bought like 9 lottery tickets for John. I was shocked I could get them. As the night was nearing its end John got a 12 dollar ticket which was sexy.

I like to make my posts in bold. go me

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MIXER is like a mix-er [29 Jan 2005|04:57pm]
The Mixer was a success! It was at a nice and big venue, many kids came, lots of money made, no problems with fights. I took so many pictures, danced with everyone and spent most of the time with my dancing buddy Natalie. At the start she was sad but then she cheered up and she had a ball i believe. Hopefully we'll have another dance in the spring.



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New Headphones/NAL/Annie [26 Jan 2005|05:52pm]
Today was the first NAL game of the season and we tied with Northeast!
This was my first year outta round 3 and I was in the other 3 rounds. I did an okay job and was happy. Desiree almost got in a fight with another coach. The kids from the school were then throwing snowballs at our bus and Capps was edging them all.

We all came back to school and found out we had done no work today and then headed to Annie practice. The practice went okayish but Carr was upset that singers were dancing, scenes were bein blocked, and etc so the future of the show is in jeopardy.

I just came home and got a new pair of huge headphones!

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