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Lack of Updates

There's been a lack of updating on my side so I guess its time to make up for it.

+ Annie is going very well eventhough I still hate staying after school all the time and doing it but oh well. The scenes are coming together nicely and Ive been having to do lots of dancing.

+ Its snowed so many times recently and weve gotten out early often which rocks.

+ I only have a couple hours left of community service to do for my graduation requirement and then i'll have to the slideshow which follows.

+ Ive spent a nice amount of times with my friends and it so rocks.

+ My senior trip was on Friday. We went up to the Poconos to go tubing, swimming, and to eat. The hills were huge and our hotel rooms rocked. They had heart shaped jacquzzis and all the guys and girls were having awesome times. We all took a nice amount of pictures but the food sure did suck. Overall the day rocked.

+ I got my hair cut and Im back to my baby mo-hawked self. Girls, its a sexy look.

+ Im on MYSPACE.com and so is like everyone else in the world.

Does anyone want to start a band. I like to sing so ha.

And thats how life has been. Im me to chat about awesome times.
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