zzbonjovizz (zzbonjovizz) wrote,

Annie and Tennis = Always after school lol

My after school schedule has been so hectic:

When I have Annie I stay until about 5:30-6pm everyday. The past 2 weeks Ive had a cold and its just taken a toll on me. Luckily Ive been getting really better.

I have also had tennis practice which I have had to miss for the past 2 weeks becasue of Annie, but today I finally made it out and was doing that until 6:30.

But yeah anyways...
Tonight was a drag. I went to Nifty Fifties with Pat, Devon, Greg, and Lou. We ate and that was that. Wow. Now thats exciting lol.

Tomorrow is Ashleys party at night which seems like a fun time.
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