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My wild morning

I need my physical signed for tennis and here how it went:

Pat picked me up around 9 so we coudl get ours signed at his doctors but the problem was they were closed. So we then went to his other doctors.

His other doctor signed his physical and was going to sign mine but then there was some problem with my insurance card.

So we went to my doctors where I had an appointment for later that day and asked for it to be moved earlier and they yelled at me. So i was out of options, until....

We went to Staples and decided to buy a "make your own stamp" stamp. I put out $25 for it and we sat in Pats car and made the stamp. I put all my doctors info on it and it looked so professional.

We went to Wendys and then went to school and we find out that the game is cancelled. What a bummer that was. But what a wild morning.

Then Annie was the rest of the day :/
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