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I hear the lottery is all the rage

Last night we went bowling. It was an okay time. We had a nice sized crew. Pat drove Me, Kris, John, Capps, and Kris and we met up with Vin, Dom, Gabe, Geno, Stef, and Ash J. No one bowled that well but we havent gone in a while so it was fun.

Earlier today Lou and Kris came over and we relaxed.
Tonight I walked to Johns and Kris came. We went into Christinas car with Laur, Laur, Jacqui, and Laur. All of us except for Christina went to Dunkin Dounts and I bought like 9 lottery tickets for John. I was shocked I could get them. As the night was nearing its end John got a 12 dollar ticket which was sexy.

I like to make my posts in bold. go me
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