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Fun Fuckin Night (FFN for short)

This morning I had boring Red Cross.

I came home and had a great chat with Amanda.

Devons party was next up...
Pat picked me up and then Devon was next. We picked up Devons friends Kaci and Amanda and then Dave got into the mix. Franca and Gina were next to get picked up and we waited at Pats until Ryan and Becker arrived. We went to Friendlys where Greg was already there with his blind date, Jessica, who was a really cool girl but I dont think she was Greg's type. Jessica brough along her friend who was super cool. She plays the trumpet and lived only 2 blocks from me before moving to New Jersey. This girl brought along her friend Stu. Stu was gay but that doesnt change anything. We still had a blast with them all night long. At the end of the evening they said thanks for being so nice to them and said they had really enjoyed themselves. We said we enjoyed their company.

Bowling was a fun time and that was over by 1230. At this time the Philly kids headed back towards Philly becasue a couple of us were going to sleep at Pats. Then certain people wanted to consume beverages. We drove around in search of the goods and ran into Vinnie E in the process. We then needed a place to go and found Daves house where we just chilled. It was only me, Dave, Pat, Devon, Franca, and Gina. By 2:15am I was getting tired and wasnt really up for sleeping over Pats house eventhough I had a blast all night.

I love meeting and being with new people. I always find it easy to get along with people.

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