zzbonjovizz (zzbonjovizz) wrote,

A survey to make up for lack of updates

Directions- you start with 100% and for everything that you have done on the list, subtract 5% and repost this so that your friends can take the test..

1.) smoking
2.) drinking
3.) drugs
4.) gottin fingered or fingering someone
5.) gottin a hand job or given a handjob
6.) french kissing
7.) been felt up
8.) given a blow job or gottin a blowjob
9.) been licked out or licked out someonelse
10.) had sex
11.) had a threesome
12.) given or takin it in the ass
13.) made a sex tape
14.) done any sexual act on school campus
15.) done anything in class
17.) pissed on someones lawn while drunk
18.) fucked in your room while your parents are home
19.) gotten caught havin a party
20.) fucked in a public place

Wow, a 90! Natalie guessed it exactly. In my 17 years of life/almost 18 I have a 90 which makes me a looooooooooooooooooooser. But i like my clean self.
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