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Party? Yes!

Updates are rare nowadays:

Annie practices and missed tennis practices are grueling because ive been sick for a bit now and it just wont go away.

Last night I went to see some friends leave for the GAMP hop and I went out with Lou and Natalie.

Today I had Concert Choir at this church and it sucked ha.

Tonight was crazy.

Ashley had an open house and I walked in and everyone was drinking, but im not a drinker but I still stay and hang with friends. Everyone was there. Me, Kris, John, Capps, Jay, Vin E, Stef, Ash, Ash, Greg, Angelica, Dana, Christina, Lauren, Ryan, Becker, Jacqui, and other kids ha. At first it was nice and calm and then people were getting loud and wild which was then followed by a lull where people were passing out and getting sick. Becker drove me to 7-11 and I came back to the party. Me, Kris, John, and Vin went to Melrose after and thats about that.

Tomorrow I think im going to the mall with Miss Natalie.
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