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Its May!

Okay so I havent updated in about a month, I guess Myspace and just having fun takes up my time.

Annie went really well. For a while there it looked like it would suck horribly. We didnt even have a run through of the play without stopping until the first performance. The dancing, singing, and acting came out nice for everyone. The crowds seem to love us and we got awards. Therefore my 3rd and final GAMP musical is completed. Wow. People are still talking about and prob will long after my graduation.

School overall is still a pain ha. I have a feeling we are going to get work up until the final 2 weeks which is corny. I have a civics project due in like a week and half which no one wants to do. I've also been out of school so much lately with Annie and Tennis. Im supposed to go to the All-City choir concert on monday but Ive missed about 4 practices so Im not going.

Ive recieved many college papers in the mail with lots of forms to fill out, joy. I need to go for a rigorous physical, fill out housing papers, and sign up for the freshmen orientation. Im planning on doing the housing papers tomorrow with Kris since Im going with him. I also plan to go to the freshmen orientation with Kris and my other friends who are going to West Chester. I think I get to take a math class which counts for college credits too, so BOO YA to the teachers who said Id prob have to take a remedial course in math.

Things with friends are going great. We still go out and have our good times like always. Ive only gone bowling once in the past month but it was still fun. I haven't been to the mall in a while and maybe a trip with some friends is needed...of course I need money from the mother so I should probably just go with her.

Im also back to eating meat. I gave up the no meatness part of my life one night at Longhorn steakhouse. I really wanted a burger and therefore got one. Since then Ive left school at lunch twice to get Taco Bell, went there another time, went to Wendys twice, and today went to Famous Daves.

And thus May begins. The final May of my high school life. My birthday is in May. Several graduation parties are in May. The Prom is in May. (I need to wait for Deanna to get her dress so I can see what color to get. We also finally got the limo yesterday, a last second chance pulled off by my sister). The shore is in May. My driver's test is also in May, finally. Hopefully a nice amount of beautiful days are in May too.
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